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Village of Cedarhurst

The Village is quite busy regulating traffic within its confines, but appears not to be familiar with the New York state Vehicle and Traffic Law which regulates all aspects of motor vehicle use, traffic and parking.  

Some examples follow.  V&TL aand MUTCD citations will be added to the site at a future date, but note that there is fore information about both on the NYS page.

Is this supposed to inform the motorist of the parking regulation? The V&TL requires parking regs be posted on MUTCD compliant signs - 7’ above the ground, at the start and end of the regulated area (no more than a block) and every 200’ in between.

Yellow curbs and pavement are prohibited except for center lines and the left hand edge of one way roads.

Speed limits under 25 mph are not permitted except in front of the entrance to a school, and then only durring school hours (max. 7am-7pm) and must specify days

Roman typefaces (thick and thins on letters, serifs) are prohibited on traffic signs.  In fact, only US DOT typefaces are permitted – i.e., certain specific variations of Helvetica.