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MTA Costs and Revenue


$14 billion per year.

 $7.4 billion, pays for the New York City subway and bus system.

Another $2.7 billion covers the commuter railroads—

$1.5 billion or 10 percent for the LIRR,

$1.2 billion or 8 percent for the MNR.

632 million - The MTA Bus Company, which operates interborough express bus service around 4 percent

 $495 million -  Bridges and Tunnels  around 4 percent of the total cost.

$2.5 billion per year, or 17 percent, to servicing debt on bonds sold in previous years.

$836 million (6 percent) includes authoritywide expenditures and general reserves.


$8.6 billion, are related to labor. In 2014 the MTA paid $5.4 billion in wages, including overtime; an additional $3.2 billion covered fringe benefits, including health insurance for current workers ($991 million) and for retirees ($474 million), pension fund contributions ($1.3 billion), and other benefits ($640 million).

$3.1 billion - Non-labor expenses account for about one quarter of all agency cost.


$5.7 billion - fare box.  The latest fare increase of 4 percent occurred in March 2015 and is expected to generate an additional $250 million annually; another 4 percent increase is scheduled for March 2017.

$1.7 billion - Tolls on MTA bridges and tunnels - toll revenue has increased in recent years, primarily owing to rate increases.  Toll revenue in excess of Bridges and Tunnels operating expense and debt service, $587 million in 2014, is diverted to mass transit.

$1.6 billion - Payroll Mobility Tax - levied on wages paid by most employers in the MTA region.

$1.6 billion - Metropolitan Mass Transportation Operating Assistance (MMTOA) -  sales tax raised in the MTA service region, regional and state corporate taxes, and a portion of the Petroleum Business Tax (PBT) levied on businesses importing petroleum to the state.

$622 million  - PBT  annually for the MTA.

$757 million - Urban Tax - from real estate transactions

$349 million - Mortgage Recording Tax

$311 million - Motor vehicle user fees collected from drivers in the MTA region and taxes on taxicab trips and automobile rentals.

$1.1 billion - Local and state governments from general funds.