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This web site has a number of complaints, particularly about government agencies that don’t do their jobs properly, but I also believe that it’s appropriate to cite those who go above and beyond.

The first company that I have to mention is OSI / Oil Services Inc / Comfort Specialists.  They started as Morris Oil four generations ago.  My family has been using them since 1950.  They’ve expanded from oil to a range of home services but I’ve found them to be the definition of honest and reliable.

You will find some information about National Grid here.

You can see a proposal for increasing the minimum wage that may be implemented on a local basis here.

You can learn a bit about the construction and implementation about effective computer and Internet security here.

You will find a testimonial to a wonderful car dealer, Nemet Motors, here.

You can learn a bit about a retail store, Lowe’s home improvement stores, here.

I just had a terrific experience looking for grass seed.  I had seen a mixture that I liked a Menard’s, in Indiana but they don’t ship it.  I contacted the manufacturer, Barenbrug USA.  I spoke to their territory manager, Jay who referred me to All Pro Horticulture in Lindenhurst, LI, NY.  I stopped by and they mixed a (25 pound) bag of exactly the seeds that I wanted.