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This page is devoted to the U.S. Federal government.

A good place to start a discussion of the federal government might be the Veterans Administration.  Have a visit to the hospital in West Palm Beach, Florida.  Federal law creates a Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD).  Apparently the VA thinks that they don’t have to follow federal law.  Stop in to the VA “Police” office.  Ask them to issue a ticket to the hospital administrator.  No, they don’t do that sort of thing.  And by the way, the title “police” is itself fraud since there are no federal police since the federal government has no police power (ask a lawyer to explain police power).  If you are in the hospital at night, make sure that you can get out through a fire exit.  You never know when it will be locked “for security” or perhaps it’s “broken” (at night).

Railroad safety is another place that the federal government has failed us as noted here.