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Lowe’s Safety Issues

Lowe’s is fundamentally, a warehouse, albeit a friendlier one than Home Depot.  As such, it uses a variety of equipment to allow employees to reach stock above the floor level.

Blueies - One of these is the “Bluie.”  An electric lift device that allows far easier access to items that are on high shelves, particularly heavy and / or bulky items.  The Bluie is a fantastic tool.

But these devices have their problems.

Yellow lines in front of stores - In many states, the parking lots are operated unlawfully.  While all states have adopted the U.S. Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices, only about half have made it binding on operators of private parking lots.  In New York, it is a traffic infraction to erect or install a “traffic control device” such as a painted line that doesn’t comply.  In this context, yellow lines may only be used to separate traffic in opposing directions.  This becomes a serious safety issue because an important aspect of traffic engineering is that compliance should be automatic - that is, traffic control must be standardized so that motorist behavior is instinctive.  For this reason, Federal and international standards allow yellow pavement markings to be used only to separate traffic moving in opposite directions.  A driver is supposed to always stay to the right (in the U.S.) of a yellow line.  On the other hand, if a driver see a yellow line to his or her right, the driver should know that he or she is going in the wrong direction or is on the wrong side of the highway.  When yellow is misused, as Lowe’s does in the front of stores, this automatic reaction is reduced.  And we all know how often this results in death when someone gets on a highway the wrong way.  The applicable New York law is available here.