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Improper Traffic Signs

Of course traffic signs, as all traffic control devices, mut meet the requirements of the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD).  These don’t.

Roman text (thicks and thin on the letters are not permitted.  And colors must meet federal specs.  Navy blue is not permitted.

Signs saying what sort of parking is permitted must be green letters on a white background.

Regulatory signs (No Standing) must be rectangular, portrait mode.

Red signs are only allowed for Stop signs. [JFK airport]

A proper directional sign.  White letters on a green background, but colored insets are permitted. [JFK airport]

The regulation enacted by this sign is clear.  All traffic must turn left at the intersection. No one may continue straight ahead!  Then why is a left turn lane needed if all traffic must turn? [Rockaway Freeway at Ocean Crest Bl. But typical of Freeway signs.]