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Attached are some pictures of issues:

  1. B 22 St. - A train - We've discussed this.  I haven't been there recently, so I don't know if the planter has been moved
  2. B 22 St. - A train - Blocks cars picking up or discharging passengers.
  3. Redfern Av - On our tour you agreed that the yellow line should be equidistant from the curb to the parked cars but it was repainted in the same place.  A car can't stay to the right of the yellow line and not be in danger of hitting a parked car.
  4. The Parks Department has erected a variety of unlawful signs. Can DOT get together with them and help them to see the light?  Note.  Mike Docket, the Queens Commissioner is, in a word, recalcitrant.
  5. Signs
  6. Round bus stop signs that are intended as No Standing signs are unlawful.  The MUTCD requires regulatory signs to be rectangular.  I intend to demand that the NYPD not enforce these signs.
  7. Letters on many Manhattan street signs are unlawful.  MUTCD requires letters be from a FHWA standard alphabet, none of which are roman.
  8. Yellow is used to denote bus stops.  After much pushing, the MTA has generally complied with the law, but the Port Authority continues the practice of misusing yellow.  This is especially dangerous because it desensitizes people  to know that they are going the wrong way when yellow is on their right.
  9. Beach Channel Drive (n/b) at B 35 Street.  The timing of the lights results in cars unlawfully stopping in the B 35 St intersection.
  10. Pavement markings without signs.  The NY Supplement to the MUTCD says that pavement markings may only be used as a supplement to signs. As you know, I was  (and am) in favor of the Beach Channel Drive turn lanes, BUT the law requires signs.
  11. no picture - I believe that there should be a right turn lane on Beach Channel Drive (s/b) at Mott Avenue.  There certainly is room for it and it would significantly improve traffic flow.  And on Mott Avenue (w/b) at BCD instead of the left lane being left turn or straight ahead and the right lane being right turn only, traffic flow and compliance would be improved if the left lane was turns only nad the right lane was straight ahead or turn.