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This page is devoted to local governments outside of New York City, primarily on Long Island and especially Nassau County.

Again, roads are a good place to start.  They are an important source of funds for local villages.  Lynbrook is a good example.  Based on the size of their police department, one would assume that there must be a lot of crime in the small village.  But the real job of the police is to issue fund raising tickets to those passing through.  And on the subject of fund raising, the New York State Vehicle and Traffic law, §1683, requires MUTCD compliant signs before parking regulations can be enforced.  That means that a card in the window of a parking meter does not meet the requirements of the law.  See if you can find a legal parking sign in most Long Island villages.

A good summary of traffic regulation requirements is available at http://www.binghamton-ny.gov/sites/default/files/files/NYS%20Traffic%20Signal%20Handbook%202011.pdf